St. Joseph on the Brandywine Cemetery

St. Joseph on the Brandywine Parish has three cemeteries, which include one around the church and a second a short distance from the church on Barley Mill Road. Both of them are filled, with no graves available for sale.

The third is a new cemetery located directly behind the church, the church rectory, and the family center on land known as the "triangle". This land is also bounded by the Kennett Pike (Route 52) and Route 100. The new cemetery has been in existence for the past five years and consists of 7.8 acres. Upright monuments, flat markers, and a section for cremated are featured.

There is a cemetery committee which assists the parish with management, development, maintenance, and sales of lots. New members for this committee are always welcome. For further information for committee work, or simply to purchase a grave or monument, please call the rectory at (302) 658-7017.

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