Social Concerns Ministries and Volunteer Opportunities

For further information on the following ministries and committees contact the appropriate individual on the Current Contacts and Chairpersons page.

The purpose of the Social Concerns Committee is to inform and involve people and resources of the parish in service to one another and to the larger community. The committee oversees the following groups:

Advent Angel
Every Christmas, in cooperation with the CYO, the parish supplies gifts for needy people in the community. The families of Help-A-Family are included.

Emmanuel Dining Room
Catholic Social Teaching calls us to take care of the most vulnerable members of society. One way St. Joseph’s parishioners respond to this call is by preparing dinners for 180 to 200 people at Emmanuel Dining Room (EDR) each month. Volunteers cook chicken at home; others meet at the Family Center to prepare boxed stuffing and green beans. We also need people willing to donate desserts. Look in the parish bulletin for dates and times.

Respect Life
The mission of the Respect Life Committee is to keep parishioners informed on all "life" issues. This is done by:

Because of the nature of this committee, meetings are scheduled monthly as needed during the school year.

Mary Rosary Guild
The Mary Rosary Guild has given away more than 24,150 Rosaries since we began in 1990. Rosary makers and repairers say prayers for the person who will use the Rosary beads and the recipient of the Rosary beads is requested to include the Rosary maker and The Mary Rosary Guild in their prayers. The labels we attach to each Rosary personalize our mission and it is inspiring to hear about the recipients who may be in Wilmington or anywhere in the world.

Our thanks is in the knowledge that in eternity we will know how helpful and treasured the rosaries were to those who received them. It’s easy to learn and we need more Rosary Makers.

Cathie Ridgway (302 426-8482) will help you learn and will repair your broken rosaries.
Bridget Tibbetts (302 762-1115) has Rosary making supplies and will supply you with additional materials from October to May.

Parish Outreach and Food Pantry

In response to the gospel challenge to stand in solidarity with all in need, we will prayerfully honor each person's right to a decent life; we will, as feasible, support anyone in social or economic crisis to enable that person to move toward greater social and economic stability.

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