General Parish Information
Parish Structure and Administration

Shepherd, Teacher, and Counselor to the parish community.

Each Parish in the Diocese is a legal corporation. As such, it has five trustees, including the Pastor, the Bishop, a designee of the Bishop and two parishioners, elected at an open meeting shortly after the first of every year.

Parish Pastoral Council
The Council is an advisory group responsible for helping the Pastor to identify pastoral needs, to plan pastoral programs and improve pastoral services, and to evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and services. Members are elected for a three-year term on a rotating basis. Any registered member of the Parish over 18 years of age is eligible to run for the Council. One member is elected as the Executive Officer for a one-year term. All final decisions are made by the Pastor based on consultation with council members.

The Council has five standing committees:

Council members act as chairpersons and liaisons between committees and the Council while participating in the committees' activities.

Finance Council
The Finance Council is a group of appointed parishioners. Their purpose is to advise the pastor on financial matters.

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