General Parish Information
Parish Registration and Publications

Each new family is invited to register in the Parish by visiting or calling the parish office. To be a registered parishioner, a completed registration form must be returned to the parish office. Registering for religious education does not register your family as parishioners. Children living at home and working full-time, year-round should register separately. Please remember to notify the office whenever you change your address or Parish.

To register in our Parish, please click on this link.
Thank you for your parish registration and welcome to our Church and faith community.

All parishioners receive parish envelopes which are distributed monthly by mail for your financial support of the parish. Parishioners may receive new envelopes at any time by calling the office.

The Bulletin
Our parish bulletin is available in the vestibule of the church and online on this website.
Please read the bulletin for announcements about activities and events.

Bulletin Announcements
Short announcements for the weekly bulletin should be submitted by email to or in writing on Fridays or before two weeks prior to the publication date, except for holidays and scheduled closings (at which time the deadline is accelerated). Please include your name and number. Announcements will run as space permits. You are welcome to place your announcement on the bulletin boards in the back of church. Our church is open from 7:00 - 2 p.m.

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